Recommendations of XVI Biennial Animal Nutrition

Recommendations of XVI Biennial Animal Nutrition Conference on "Innovative Approaches for Animal Feeding & Nutritional Research" held at ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute,

  1. There is an urgent need to develop a database on GHGs emissions from livestock under different feeding systems.
  2. Use of improved methods of feed analysis is required to ensure better feed efficiency.
  3. A uniform animal feed law under essential commodities act should be put in place and national animal feed regulatory authority of India should be set up for framing policies and their implementation.
  4. The nutritional tools available to alleviate health deteriorating effects of negative energy balance should be evaluated and popularized among livestock owners.
  5. Feeding management of breeding bulls especially with regards to protein, energy and minerals for improved semen quality should be given priority.
  6. Dietary manipulation to enhance nutraceutical value of milk and milk products is warranted.
  7. Nutritional adequacies of diets for different captive animals for their improved health and welfare need to beevaluated.
  8. Interaction between industry and academia need to be strengthened. There is need to propagate skill development for formulating balanced rations among the farmers to augment livestock productivity.
  9. The production of antibiotic free animal products should be encouraged and supported. Karnal-132001, Haryana, India from Feb. 6-8, 2016

(Organising Secretary)