December 2015

December, 2015 Vol 32 #4


1. Stall Feeding in Small Ruminants: Emerging Trends and Future Perspectives
A. Sahoo, R.S. Bhatt and M.K. Tripathi

2. Effect of Roughage to Concentrate Ratio in the Diet on Milk Production and Fatty Acid Profile of Milk in Crossbred Cows
Netsanet Beyero, V. Kapoor and B.S.Tewatia
3. Influence of Replacement of Soya By-products with Soya Pulp on Milk Yield, Composition and Blood Parameters in Dairy Cows
Manjula Thakur, M.S. Pannu, Parminder Singh and Jasmine Kaur
4. Performance of Goats Fed Banana Plant Waste and Silage Based Diets
S.N. Anjaneya, B. Ramachandra, T. Thirumalesh, M.M. Appannavar, N.V. Jadhav and M.D. Suranagi
5. Effect of Phosphorus and Zinc Application on Nutritional Characterisics of Fodder Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)
Deepak Kumar Rathore, Rakesh Kumar, Magan Singh, Parveen Kumar, Nitin Tyagi, Chander Datt, B.S. Meena, Pooja Gupta Soni, Taramani Yadav and Govind Makrana
6. Performance of Male Camel Calves Fed on Pelleted Rations with Two Levels of Protein
A.K. Nagpal and S. Singh
7. Influence of Probiotics and Prebiotics Supplementation on Production Performance in Laying Hens
Nancy Sheoran, N.S. Maan, Sajjan Sihag and Gautam Kumar
8. Effect of Dietary Incorporation of Omega-3 PUFA Rich Oil Sources on Performance, Carcass Traits, Serum Biochemical Parameters and Immune Response in Krishibro Broilers
K. Sridhar, N. Nalini Kumari, Arun Kumar Panda, J. Narasimha, T. Raghunandan and V. Ravinder Reddy

9. Productivity of Indian Major Carps in a Periphyton Based Aquaculture System
Rajni Bala, M.D. Ansal and Asha Dhawan
10. Yam (Discorea rotundata) Peel Meal in the Diet of Weaner Rabbits: Effects on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Economics of Feeding
N. Tukur and K.M. Bello
11. Response of Growing Pigs to Graded Levels of Cold-Pressed Copra Meal in the Diet
S.S. Diarra, S. Koroibola, U. Mokuveikau and P.R. Vuki
12. Growth Performance, Blood Constituents and Carcass Traits of Broiler Chicken as Affected by Supplementation of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) V. Dwivedi, V.K. Singh and Mangrail (Nigella sativa)
V. Dwivedi, V.K. Singh, D. Tewari, S. Gautam, V.B. Singh and D. Dwivedi
13. Fatty Acid Profile of Fillet and Liver and Proximate Composition of Puntius gonionotus and Puntius sarana
Madhusmita Nayak, Ashis Saha and S.S. Giri

Short communication

14. Utilisation of CO-4 Variety of Hybrid Napier (Napier × Pearl millet) Fodder Supplemented with Energy and Protein in Sheep
P. Pavan Kumar, M. Venkateswarlu, T. Raghunandan, A. Sudheer Babu and R. Prasanna Kumar
15. In Vitro Methane Production Potential of Cereal Brans
J.S. Lamba, M. Wadhwa and M.P.S. Bakshi

16. Effect of Subcutaneous Administration of a Phytogenic Aqueous Extract on the Performance of Holstein Cows
Jorge Romero de la Torre, José-Rogelio Orozco-Hernández Idalia de Jesús Ruíz-García, Erika Alvarado-Loza, José Antonio Olmedo-Sánchez and Hernández Jáuregui Alma Lina
17. Proximate and Mineral Composition of Magur (Clarias batrachus) and Singhi (Heteropneustes fossilis)
B.N. Paul, S. Chanda, N. Sridhar, G.S. Saha and S.S. Giri
18. Bioaccessibility of Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium from Different Oil Cakes
R. Dhinesh Kumar, Neelam Kewalramani, Veena Mani, Shiva Gupta and Deepti Parihar
19. Carbohydrate and Protein Fractions of Commonly Available Pulse Chunies
Partha Sarathi Swain, D. Srinivasa Rao, D. Nagalakshmi, S. Ray, Akash Mishra and K. Sethy